Lost between heaven and earth

Lost between heaven and earth

What a pleasure tonight to return to the 14th arrondissement where I lived for 10 years! Especially since it was to see in the warehouse, a documentary by Sébastien Lilli, president of Inrees and director of publication of unexplored and Inrees TV.

Published for the first time on October 10, 2017


The latter spent 7 years with Bruno Turner whose life turned 19 when he stopped to recognize himself in the mirror.


I had a great time and despite the fatigue, I did not see the time pass. Strange and yet, it seems to me that we were much to recognize ourselves in some aspects of Bruno's personality or in the way he travelled. If you subscribe to the inrees, you will find this documentary online in November. I recommend it!

© Photos: Inrees ⎜ HauteStock


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