Anne and Mathieu

Anne and Mathieu

After the movie session last night, we continue in the extra-ordinary today. I participated this morning in the program "Conseils Psychic in Real estate" on BTLV. If you do not know this radio, this is the second essential medium if you are interested in personal development and the "unexplored" to take the title of the magazine of Inrees. In fact, a few years ago I sent an email saying that I would like to participate in the show of Anne Tuffigo, also unmissable. Then I didn't think too much about it, and I thought if it was going to happen, it would be. Well that was very fast… And rather heartbreaking.

Published for the 1st time on 11 October 2017 ⎜ updated on 23 September 2018

First of all the pleasure of being called by Mathieu Alshady, one of the pillars of BTLV, whose personality offers to this radio One of its most beautiful colors.

And then Anne to whom I could make the same compliment and which I will speak to you one day since it was she who led me to BTLV and made me understand a lot of things. Without even meeting her! 🙂

Those who have known me through tarots know that I have perceptions… Sharpened we'll say. Use the Tarot and dare to talk about it, even if it was slow, I ended up accepting it. But what I perceive of the unseen without support, again this morning, I doubted. And yet, without knowing anything, the information that Anne gave me about the woman whose presence I feel at home corresponds in every respect to my perceptions. Even if I knew it internally, it's a shock. I'm digesting it. And I understand myself better.

I understand above all that I do not manage anything, that I do not partition anything and that I constantly receive the thoughts and emotions of the living and the inhabitants of the parallel dimensions. Without a filter. No wonder my need for solitude and those angers against others who often conceal anger against myself. I'm going to make an appointment with Anne. The beginning of a new beautiful trip. To follow…

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