Agenda for teachers

Agenda for teachers

By buying this diary for teachers you adopt a powerful working method that allows you to lighten your mental load. Dealing with the amount of information a teacher needs to manage on a daily basis becomes simpler, you gain in well-being and you can devote more of your energy to the personalized accompaniment of your students.

Organization Facilitator


Get rid of unnecessary stress


Designed for a group or class of 30 students, this 299-page planner replaces your diary + your Logbook + your programming cards + your to-do List + your post-it and much more! Tailored for languages It is also suitable for other materials.


IDEAL for the PRINCIPAL teacher


Be more available for you students


The teacher's diary "differentiated Pedagogy in all serenity" is an agenda as you have never seen. All in one, it allows you to organize yourself and to record all the information necessary for a personalized and effective follow-up of your students.  

Differentiated pedagogy in all serenity

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