Independent Agenda

Independent Agenda

Promised thing, due thing! While waiting for the introduction of Avallon Princess Magazine, The essential companion of the users of the independents ' diary, here are some links to sites where you can draw your daily Card. The game that I know very well and that I recommend to beginners (and Others) is "the cards of the inner child". If you like to manipulate maps, it is a bit expensive but it is a very good investment. Based on known tales, this game is a perfect medium to train you to listen to your intuition before reading the accompanying Guide. You can buy it here *

But you can get to know him before because it is available for free Here. In case this game does not speak to you, Editions Le Souffle d'or offer you 22 more.

If over time you take a liking to the cards and want to acquire them, seed of Eden is a beautiful site that presents hundreds of Games. You can also take advantage of a personalized weekly draw.

And if you read english, I would know too much to recommend the beautiful site of Colette Baron Reid. You can work for free with three of its games that are usable online.

To go further with Colette here are the books and games that I use and link regularly. "la Carte" is the French version of "the map", a book that accompanies the Oracle "the Enchanted map". "the Good Tarot" is a very nice game, very positive and therefore suitable for beginners that "negative" cards scare. As for "the weight Loss", It is a book that makes the link between weight problems and hyper Sensitivity.


Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. See you soon! Nadine

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