Hi ! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m Nadine. I teach English in Paris and work for Avallon DigiMag I co-founded with my brother. I also create planners for spiritual solopreneurs, teachers and students.

I spend a huge amount of time reading and talking in English, and I often can’t share my discoveries with my virtual or actual friends because they don’t understand. So frustrating ! 🤣

The other problem is that when I chat with English speaking people on social media it sometimes looks like a one way conversation because I can’t share and discuss what I’m working on.

This is going to end today ! I’m planning on translating my planner for solopreneurs into English. I won’t be able to design a whole website in English in the coming months but I’m satisfied with the space I’ve created here inside my personal French blog and I hope you’ll like it too !


Vous avez aimé ? Partagez, ça me fera plaisir.

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