Cette année j’ai appris – 4ème1


The reason why I chose this hobby.


Production Ecrite – Likes & Dislikes


Mylène : I don’t like spiders because I’m afraid (that) they may jump on me.

Sylvia : I hate watching horror movies because later when I’m alone in my home I am afraid that a strange person may kill me.

Ludivine :  I don’t like writing my mathematics lessons because my fingers hurt and I’m afraid that my mother may put a cream that smells on them.

Julie : I hate insects because they scare me.

Mehdi : I hate planes because I’m afraid that they may fall from the sky and I may die.

Natalie : I don’t appreciate swimming because I am afraid that I may drown.

Mohamed : I hate swimming in the sea alone because I am afraid sharks may eat me.

Laetitia : I hate using my phone in the underground / in the subway because I am afraid that someone may steal my phone.

Lysa : I don’t like taking the elevator because I am scared that I may be stuck there.